BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT: Into the Blue by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović

For its enchanting mood and the ability to offer an immersive experience to the spectator through a soft yet intense storytelling. The director embraces the teenage point of view with great tact, supported by the young actors' performances. The addressed topics are treated in a strong but nonetheless light manner that mirrors the age the movie depicts.  

BEST NATIONAL SHORT: A casa mia by Mario Piredda

For the wise vision able to combine different but yet heterogeneous styles, telling the story of a territory in an unusual and never ordinary way. Social change is shown through the needs and hopes that every age of life places in its transformation.

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT: Cosa faccio nella vita? by Manuel De Pandis, Fabio Fusillo, Giovanni Sfarra

For the urgency and vitality of this bold and insolent youth portrait which catches the essence of our time aligning with honesty and wit to the main characters’ needs.

BEST MUSIC VIDEO: Can you decide by Lu Pulici

For having wisely combined past and future presenting an intimate world in constant research of dialogue and also for having very well represented a kaleidoscope of emotions using the best of technical possibility and artistic language delivering a harmony of sounds, words and images.

BEST DIRECTOR: Raymund Ribay Gutierrez for Imago

Gutierrez develops the legacy of the maestro Brillante Mendoza with a significant personal touch. His distinctive mise en scène approaches a controversial topic with remarkable tension and courage.  

BEST SCREENPLAY: Elad J Primo for Domesticated Wolf

The author describes the main character's personal conflict with accuracy and develops the father/daughter relationship through a minimalistic yet sophisticated writing, reaching a significant psychological depth.  

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Constanze Schmitt for A Gentle Night

The main character's condition and the sorrowful context surrounding her are visually expressed with poetic chromatic choices and powerful symbolism.

BEST EDITING: Iulia Andriuta for The Idiot

The editing carefully builds up the rhythm and the tension of the storytelling, bringing out the allegorical trait of the narrative that underlines significant social issues.

BEST ACTOR: Chiz Schultz for Head Above Water

A credibile and intense performance that conveys the claustrophobic feeling of aging building an accurate and touching human portrait.

BEST ACTRESS: Jessica Barden for Sweet Maddie Stone

 The impressive young actress carries the whole short film while embodying an unforgettable female character. Her grit and energy portray the contradictions of a complex age.

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE: Calamity by Maxime Feyers e Séverine De Streyker

 Through the formal accuracy of every realization aspect - direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing, acting - the short film offers an interesting reflection on the subversive potential of queer identity and on its earthquaking impact on the nuclear family.

BEST ANIMATION: Post No Bills by Robin Hays e Andy Poon

For the ability to skillfully blend 2d and 3d animation techniques in an original story of big visual impact.

BEST SOUNDTRACK: Enrico Melozzi for Penalty

The Soundtrack guides the film through structured and intense sonorities.  With an expressive use of silence the author creates a coherent research that results in only one track, a unique musical act able to express the deep meaning of the film.

PREMIO SIFF STUDENTI: Candie Boy by Arianna Del Grosso

A fun, deep and well performed short film that encourages to reflect on currents topics such as the fragility of family relationships, the gender prejudice, the spontaneity of childhood. The film suggests a simply question: what does really count in life? Furthermore, the delicate final wins the heart of the audience.