42° Sulmona International Film Festival


Best international short film


by Alden Ehrenreich

For its large dose of humor and drama, allowing the film to highlight the remarkable performances of its actors at their best. It is an amazing directorial debut for the American actor Alden Ehrenreich – probably drawing inspiration from Paul Thomas Anderson, by the use of the 35mm and the soundtrack of “Punch-Drunk Love”. Although clearly referring to one of the masters of American contemporary cinema, he doesn’t seem to make an appropriation. His directing looks simple, tiny yet powerful, inebriant but also dejected.

Best national short film


by Mino Capuano

This short film knows when it is time to leave, to loose. It knows that you can’t tell a story throughout a single scene, but throughout addition and subtraction – thoroughly choosing when to quit and how to narrate. Sciaraballa begins vaguely but becomes persuading as the narration goes ahead. It tells a bittersweet story – with a sensitive and accurate directing – revealing an ungrammatical and ruffled poetic, efficiently aimed at filling a void.

Best national short film


by Alessandro Cino Zolfanelli

A piece imprinted of great sensibility, capable of building a considerable strain in terms of style. With a stop-motion production, challenging both for an economic perspective and for its making in itself.

Best documentary short film


by Jordan Matthew Horowitz

A short film that – although in a rhetoric dimension – stands out for its ability to deepen an important matter such as the memory of the Shoah, particularly relevant at the moment due to the Israelian-Palestinian conflict and the recurring and concerning outbreaks of antisemitism all around the world. The film is touching and moving, rousing the sensibility of the audience in a nontrivial way.

Best animated short film


by Ethan Barrett

With its childlike and primordial aesthetics, this short film is capable of capturing the essence of fatherhood throughout an original stream of consciousness – infusing a deep emotional richness into a real story.

Best environmental short film


by Stefano Sbrulli

For its report on the dreadful conditions of Cerro de Pasco (in Peru) – one of the most polluted cities in the world. Its storytelling and documentary device accurately balances humanity and tragedy, formality and empathy, fieldwork and poetic detachment.

Best Abruzzo short film


by Andrea Gatopoulos

Throughout the experimental language of cyber realism the director represents virtual reality by using its original source without reconstructing it. This approach develops an innovative narration leading the audience to question themselves on the bounders of real world and virtual world.

Best music video


by Agnès Patron & Morgane Le Péchon

A music video standing out for an impacting and original poetic.



by Andreas Deja

SIFF studenti


by George C. Siougas

Motivation of the students from Polo Scientifico Tecnologico Enrico Fermi”:
For the great artistic awareness of this short film capable of representing a particular love story throughout the expansion and restraint of time and rhytm, the subversion of a mechanical routine and the evolution of the music – becoming a fil rouge that leads the audience to live this tender and surprising story first-hand.
Motivation of the students from Polo Umanistico “Ovidio”:
The one note man is a very suggestive short film showing how life can change overnight and take a surprising turn. The main character is able to love again after a period of severe mourning, thanks to music that brings people together. The bassoonist protagonist represents a man getting used – almost addicted – to sorrow. The film shows how suffering feeds solitude and turns human beings into automatons, dragging themselves into their daily existence always carrying out the same dull gestures and actions. But something unpredictable changes the game: it is chance, disrupting the routine and presenting a new possibility to the suffering man, reluctant to seizing the opportunity, even if worthy of one. The films looks like a Christmas tale, with a happy ending leading the man to find comfort, joy and hope into someone.

Best directing

Guilherme Daniel


Somewhere between Larrain and Ingmar Bergman – especially for its vivid work on closeups – it is a short film with a powerful directing, extraordinary actors and an interesting and original editing. Its pure cinematic grammar is capable of rendering a performance solely consisting of 14 minutes of applause. Its style employs the applause both as the editing and the soundtrack, finding its unique and original directorial vision.

Best screenplay

Annie-Claude Caron & Danick Audet


An ingenious short film for the way its writing moves within the comedy: every scene presents a solution providing the joy and enthusiasm of sharing the film with other viewers and recounting it at home after watching it for the first time. The dazed tone of the film makes it hard to find the “right timing”, but this is fixed in a hilarious and brilliant way, simple but clever. All this nourishes our expectations on the first feature-film of these two Canadian filmakers, Ugly, already in the working.

Best actress

Afsaneh Dehrouyeh


Two performances of disarming but overwhelming simplicity – both able to give significance to every line transcending the value of the short films. The bewilderment of their acting is never flaunted but it rather appears to be consistently devastating. With a significant focus on the condition of Afghan women after the privation of their freedom due to the rise of Taliban government in Afghanistan since April of the past year. If Kendra Sow recalls prestigious oriental actresses of the new millennium (such as the ones from Hou Hsiao-hsien to Wong Kar-wai), the Afghan actress Afsaneh Dehrouyeh almost looks like a feminine embodiment of the paintings by Antonello da Messina – also due to the chromatic directing choices with the use of soft and poetic streaks of blue hues.

Best actor

Vincenzo Nemolato


For the Buster Keaton-way of the actor of dealing with a story of 15 minutes without never really saying a word. The versatility of its acting is capable of rendering an extremely interesting anachronistic performance, with the actor carrying the entire film on his back. Outdated, in a stubborn and contrary direction opposed to the present, with the precise intention of acting out of time.

Best cinematography

Ben Mullen


For its remarkable use of 35mm, worthy of the master of American contemporary cinema Paul Thomas Anderson.

Best editing

Russell Beeden


For its exceptional editing, based on musical scanning and intersection of framing.

Best soundtrack

Fernando Velázquez


For an impressive and unique sound mix, capable of highlighting with subtlety the familiar and moral emotions of the short film, reaching a real live musical “performance” to support the images and reinforce their effect.


The SULMONA International Film Festival (SIFF) is a short films festival taking place in Sulmona (Italy) in autumn. The Festival celebrates young cinema from all around the world with a selection of new works from emerging directors and passionate storytellers with unique visions. The SIFF, originally, ‘Sulmonacinema Film Festival’, has reached its 40th edition in 2022. Throughout the last years Sulmonacinema supported the young Italian filmmakers, some of whom have become the most representative directors of Italy  such as the Academy Award winning Paolo Sorrentino, Matteo Garrone, Emanuele Crialese, Luca Guadagnino, Saverio Costanzo, Michelangelo Frammartino. Lately Festival have welcomed guests and judges like Mario Monicelli, Claudia Cardinale, Claudio Santamaria, Stefano Accorsi, Maya Sansa, Enrico Ghezzi, Pippo Del Bono, Luigi Lo Cascio, Antonietta De Lillo, David Riondino, Sonia Bergamasco, Antonio Rezza e Flavia Mastrella, Francesco Bruni, Francesco Montanari, Marianne Leone and Chris Cooper. The event also presents a range of special initiatives included film workshop, retrospectives, non-competitive feature films screening, concerts, exhibitions.

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